INFRAFRONTIER is the European Research Infrastructure for Modelling Human Diseases

We contribute to human health by advancing disease prevention and therapies through appropriate models.

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The INFRAFRONTIER consortium consists of more than 20 leading biomedical research institutes in 15 countries working together to understand basic mammalian gene function and model human diseases.


The European Mouse Mutant Archive – EMMA is a non-profit repository for the collection, archiving (via cryopreservation) and distribution of relevant mutant mouse and rat strains essential for basic biomedical research.

Resources and Services

In addition to EMMA, INFRAFRONTIER offers other services like axenic derivation, access to open calls and systemic phenotyping.

Animal Welfare and Ethics

Discover INFRAFRONTIER’s commitment to Animal Welfare and explore the ethical research practices we apply to drive the 3R Principle in animal research.

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A Horizon-INFRA-DEV project that aims to expand INFRAFRONTIER’s capacity for human disease modelling, refine its service portfolio by reducing animal usage and developing alternative cellular models, and optimise the use of resources.



Via the canSERV project, INFRAFRONTIER offers access to several cutting-edge cancer services as Open Calls. These services are offered by INFRAFRONTIER partners with world-leading expertise in cancer research and mouse models.

Axenic Service

This service offers the germ-free derivation of user-provided mouse strains for gnotobiotic studies.

Rodent Model Generation

Generation of custom rodent mutant strains using the latest genome-editing technologies by expert laboratories.

COVID-19 Resources and Services

INFRAFRONTIER offers a cutting-edge COVID-19 therapeutics pipeline, a large selection of COVID-19-related strains and emergency archiving services to aid COVID-19 research and minimise the loss of valuable mouse strains.

INFRAFRONTIER and Cancer Research

Browse through EMMA strains associated to more than 50 different cancer types and a list of manually-curated disease models for cancer.


Upcoming Trainings & Events


6th CCP Phenogenomics Conference 2024

17 - 18 September 2024
Czech Centre for Phenogenomics
Prague, Czech Republic

Mouse Models for Human Disease Workshop

23 - 27 September 2024
FreeAdvance at MRC Harwell
MRC Harwell, Oxfordshire, UK

Microinjection and Electroporation

08 - 10 October 2024
FreeAdvance at MRC Harwell
MRC Harwell, Oxfordshire, UK

Mouse Pathobiology Workshop

14 - 16 October 2024
UAB, Barcelona

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