Publications about INFRAFRONTIER

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Publications about EMMA

  • Wilkinson, P., J. Sengerova, R. Matteoni, C.K. Chen, G. Soulat, A. Ureta-Vidal, S. Fessele, M. Hagn, M. Massimi, K. Pickford, R.H. Butler, S. Marschall, A.M. Mallon, A. Pickard, M. Raspa, F. Scavizzi, M. Fray, V. Larrigaldie, J. Leyritz, E. Birney, G.P. Tocchini-Valentini, S. Brown, Y. Herault, L. Montoliu, M.H. de Angelis, and D. Smedley. EMMA–mouse mutant resources for the international scientific community. Nucleic Acids Res 38:D570-576. PMID:19783817
  • Hagn, M., S. Marschall, and M. Hrabe de Angelis. 2007. EMMA–the European mouse mutant archive. Brief Funct Genomic Proteomic 6:186-192. PMID:17709347

Publications using EMMA strains

All publications which were provided either during a mutant strain submission or enabled by a mutant strain request can be visualised here.

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