A Basic Introduction to Pathology in the Mouse

17 - 18 November 2020
MRC Harwell Institute
Harwell, UK

This course provides an introduction to basic pathology terminology and how to recognise physiological and pathological changes in mouse tissues sections stained with H&E. It will include an introduction to background pathology in mice, how spontaneous and induced pathology can be distinguished and techniques for recording pathology data. It is aimed at research staff, technical staff, students and medical or veterinary pathology trainees with some experience of evaluating tissue sections using a light microscope.

Following the course, you will be able to:

  • Recognise common physiological changes in tissue sections
  • Understand basic pathology terminology
  • Recognise basic pathological processes in tissue sections
  • Understand how to describe pathology findings in tissue sections
  • Recognise common pathology in tissue sections in young and old mice and how they correlate to necropsy findings and clinical observations
  • Understand how to record pathology findings in tissue sections using a semi quantitative approach
  • Understand the meaning of background, spontaneous and induced lesions

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