IMPC now headed by a 3 member Senior Leadership Team

February 3, 2021

The International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium has announced the election of a new Senior Leadership Team (SLT): Radislav Sedlácek is the new Chairman of IMPC, and Yann Herault the new Vice-Chair. Steve Brown, who was the Chair for many years, has stepped down to become the Past Chair. All three of them are long-term members of IMPC as well as INFRAFRONTIER.

Radislav Sedlácek (PhD), a leading expert in molecular genetics and genome editing, is the Director of the Czech Centre for Phenogenomics (CCP) in Prague. CCP is a Czech national research infrastructure in rodent model generation and phenotyping, and part of the Institute of Molecular Genetics (IMG) of the Czech Academy of Sciences. Radislav has dedicated his career to the study and development of transgenic technologies and model gene functions. His specialisation is devoted mainly to studies in metabolism, immunology, craniofacial development, and the gastrointestinal tract through the use of mouse models.

Credit for photo 1 (R. Sedlácek): BIOCEV

Yann Herault (PhD) is the Director of Institut Clinique de la Souris (ICS) in Strasbourg, France. ICS is one of three research centres forming PHENOMIN, the French National Infrastructure for mouse phenogenomics. Yann is also a Team Leader at the Institut de Genetique et de Biologie Moleculaire et Cellulaire (IGBMC) where he focuses on translational medicine and neurogenetics. He researches and identifies dosage-sensitive genes implicated in intellectual disabilities (IDs), such as Down syndrome and 16p11.2 syndromes.

Exciting times for IMPC

Radislav Sedlácek, the new Chairman of IMPC, says: “I deeply appreciate the fact that I was elected to the IMPC leadership and thank everyone who supported me. My goal is to contribute as much as possible to the completion of the encyclopaedia of mammalian genes and related projects.”

Yann Herault, now Vice-Chair of IMPC, adds: “Thanks to the leadership of Steve, the IMPC is in good shape. Talented and committed scientists all over the world are bringing together a high level of unique expertise to achieve IMPC´s primary goals: deciphering the function of mammalian genes and bridging the gap to clinical research for the benefit of diagnosis and treating human diseases. Together we will pave the way for the future success of IMPC.”

Steve Brown, now Past Chair of IMPC, congratulates his new team mates: “Radislav and Yann will bring a wealth of expertise, judgement and foresight to the leadership of IMPC. In 2021, we will celebrate the 10th anniversary of IMPC´s foundation, and increasingly focus on large-scale functional studies of human genetic variation. These are exciting times for IMPC!”

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