The EU-Funded Master “MorphoPhen” Has Opened its Call for Applications

February 20, 2023

The “Human Diseases Models Morphological Phenotyping” (MorphoPHEN) initiative, coordinated by our partners from the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, has been awarded as an Erasmus Mundus Joint Master by the European Education and Culture Executive Agency.

Project reference number: 101082155
Start date: 01 October 2022 – End date: 30 November 2028
Coordinator: Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (UAB)

What is MorphoPHEN?
Human Diseases Models Morphological Phenotyping (MorphoPHEN) consists of an integrated and interdisciplinary Erasmus Mundus Joint Master. It is conceived to alleviate the real shortage of experts in morphological mouse phenotyping, which is needed to generate a positive impact of preclinical biomedicine and improve human translatability (from the bench to the bedside).

MorphoPHEN is a one-year Erasmus Mundus Joint Master (60 ECTS), divided in two semesters of 30 ECTS each. It brings knowledge on the four main branches necessary to analyse mouse disease models morphologically:

  • Module 1: Mouse Anatomy and Pathobiology – 10 ECTS
  • Module 2: Mouse Imaging – 20 ECTS
  • Module 3: Deep learning and experimental design – 20 ECTS
  • Module 4: Master’s Degree Dissertation – 10 ECTS

Lecturers & Partners
In addition to the MorphoPHEN partner universities, the affiliated entity CEINGE-Biotecnologie Avanzate and many associated partners embedded in the biomedicine sector, including other universities, research institutions and companies have come together to produce an educational program to teach mouse morphological phenotyping.

INFRAFRONTIER is one of the 11 associated partners of the project. Meet the coordination team and partners at this link.

How to apply?
Before beginning the application please check out the access requirements and the documents that you will need to scan HERE.

Application deadline: 31 March

Official site:

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