EMMA strains genetically associated to 1

M Mouse models involving mutations in the mouse gene or expressing homologs of the mouse gene are associated with this human disease. (OMIM and NCBI data currently do not associate this disease with the homologous human gene.)
H M The disease is associated with both the mouse and human homologs of the same gene. Mouse genes may appear in this section based on disease models that express homologs of the mouse gene.

1The collection of cancers and associated genes was extracted from MGI (see integrated resources for more detailed information). Thereby, mouse genes were mapped to specific cancers. The list contains links to the related EMMA strains.
2 The related MGI phenotypic description is correlated to the respective gene.
3 The phenotypic description of EMMA was provided by the strain submitter and not verified by EMMA partners.
Please note that unless explicitly stated these EMMA strains are associated to cancer via their modified gene i.e., their genotype is not necessarily a cancer genotype.

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